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1.         I am new to the station and I want to get my child admitted in APS. What should I do?
Ans.     Admission for class I to VIII are centrally conducted (for all 3 APSs in Lucknow) by APS LBS Marg.You are
             required to fill in the Admission form at APS LBS Marg Lucknow.

2.        How do I get the form ?
Ans.   Visit APS, LBS Marg Near Command Hospital, Lucknow during working hours - 12.00 to 2.00 pm on any
           working day or contact us on 0522-2296931. Alternatively you may download the form from the website or
           Click Here to download the form.

3.        If my child is coming from an APS does she/he still have to give a test ?
Ans.    No, Army Public School transfer cases do not have to give any entrance test, however if your child is/was
            studying in KV or Non APS he/she has to appear for the test.

4.        What is the procedure for admission of students for classes IX to XII?
Ans.     Admission for class IX to XII are centrally conducted (for all 3 APSs in Lucknow) by APS SP Marg.You are
             required to fill in the Admission form at APS SP Marg Lucknow.

5.         What are the key dates of admission?
Ans.      Please visit our website for more details.

6.           If my child has got a retest in only one subject will he/she have to appear in all the tests again?
Ans.      No, the child will have to appear only in that subject for which he has got a retest.

7.           I want to seek admission in class I for my child but he/she in under age only by one day/few days,
              will my child get admission ?

Ans.      Any child who is underage by one day or few days for any class, admission will not be granted.

8.          What documents are required at the time of admission?
Ans.      Transfer certificate,Birth certificate,Report card

9.           I will be leaving the station after 3 months. Do I still have to pay the Annual charges for the entire

Ans.       Annual charges have to be paid initially for the entire year. However at the time of T.C balance amount will
              be refunded.

10.         What is the  difference between ONE TIME FEE and ANNUAL FEE?
Ans.       One time Fee is paid only by New Admissions and  Annual Fee is  paid by New and Old students at the
               beginning of the session.
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